A new vision for our Republic

A few years ago I had a desire to comment about political topics in an in-depth manner that the comments sections of the news sites did not permit. I was hoping to add common sense to the online discussion. I quickly learned that I did not have what it takes to defend the positions of politicians and argue with commentators, let alone internet trolls. I stopped commenting on the political process and became disgusted with it. I became more aware of what was happening on a larger scale, both in the world and in my country. I still read the news and stay up-to-date with it, but have become more comfortable teaching the news, in context, to my friends, than discussing the news with wanna-be pundits.

The title of this webpage represents my dream for my country. For a Republic, independent of the world, fueled by the passion of 300+ million independent Citizens. It was the slogan for my generation, we all wore apparel branded by the words “Independent”. Sadly, the brand was not so much the reality we created. We wanted to throw off the society of our parents. This is not to say that my generation is solely forward-thinking. We are very much attached to the generation of our forefathers. Our grandparents and great grandparents have been our anchor point. While we see their faults, we recognize that they held an understanding that we have found on our own.

Things were better then, and they faced similar challenges to ours. They were warriors and so are we. They were burdened financially, and so are we. They fought for equality and the betterment of mankind, and so will we. I often think that the last two generations have been mostly wasted. Mankind has not progressed in character, but has triumphed in luxury. It is for my generation to restore character and honor to the forefront. We will pay for the mistakes of our parents and free our own children from chains of mediocrity. That is our destiny. We will educate, and then fight the tyranny of entitlement that has beset the generations surrounding ours. That is my dream.

How does a person fix this? I don’t think any one person can.  We have searched for a leader, but have become lost.  It is time for each of us to lead in our own way.  This is mine.  I am admittedly not the best fit for this project, but I don’t see anyone else who will do it.  If this work goes unnoticed, that is fine, but I must do something.  I see the rest of my country sitting in their residence, distracted and undisciplined.  I see civil society rotting.  Therefore, like our grandparents, I will just get the job done the best I can.

What is the job?  Throughout history, mankind has attempted to outline what they felt was the “best” government for their society.  That is what I will do here.  I will outline in as fine of detail as possible what form of government is just to rule men like me.  A treatise is my goal, a publication is my dream, but either way the most important work I can do is to get the thoughts inside my soul onto this medium.  I have grown to understand that many think like me, but are unable to put thoughts into words.  I think I can do that.  That is the job I need to do.

This is not a place to discuss politics in particular, but I fully intend to discuss the consequences of policy.  In so doing, I hope to find the true meaning of “just government”.


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