FCC Commissioner Doesn’t Like The US Media

As reported on The Blaze.com

All I can say is “welcome to the club!”  While his reasons why the media is failing both financially, ethically, and in its duty to our republic are sound, his solution is so absurd its laughable.  “Lets put government in charge of it” is the dumbfounding progressive refrain for every problem, and once again the chaotic chorus is being sounded on this issue.  Never mind that the direct cause of all the media’s failings is its attempt at being “unbiased”.  Gone are the days when media outlets blazoned their stances across the top of their papers.  They have all bought in to this “fair and balanced” crap.  Continue reading

NEWS::Talking about UK University to probe integrity of climate data

Talking about UK University to probe integrity of climate data LONDON (AP) – A British university said Thursday it would investigate whether scientists at its prestigious Climatic Research Unit fudged data on global warming.

It is amazing to me how much this story has been ignored in the mainstream media, yet in the background, the powers that be are scrambling to push through thier plans in quiet desparation!  Even without the MSM coverage, this story is spreading like wildfire.  The climageddon comunity knows thier time is up.  They are in trouble and need to act fast.

– Independent Thinker