Health Care Reform – The “Purple People” Eater

As discussed on Michelle Malkin’s blog and Rush’s radio show yesterday (12/1/10), SEIU is having some trouble’s with their health care coverage.  It seems that it just isn’t affordable to provide health care coverage to children now that the government mandates you cover them into their 20s.  So SEIU  is dropping the coverage for member’s kiddies altogether.  But Wait!  I thought Obama + Co. told us that this could never happen.  Pelosi and Reid were sure of it too. Continue reading

John Boehner on Health Care

In response to the treasonous legislation our elected officials have forced upon us  Mr Boehner gave the following message.

Mr Obama, Mrs Pelosi, Mr. Reid, and all your cronies…  There is a reason the people have fought so hard in opposition to your will.  We believe in America as it was founded!  We will not allow you to destroy our nation and bring us to our knees.  Only God can do that!  And with His help we will damn every move you make until we remove you from office.  As Americans we are charged with the protection of Liberty for the world.  You have betrayed this noble charter in an misguided attempt for comfortable mediocrity.  As Ronald Reagan said “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to….we are the last stand on earth”.  God forget that you were our countrymen!

– Independent Thinker

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Subject: The Last Day – March 21st, 2010

I sit outside this morning with my dog Archie at my side. It is 9:00 AM, warm, sunny and clear. The birds are singing, calling the sun into the sky with their precious songs. Somewhere a woodpecker is hard at work, hammering away at some hard old oak. As I sit here, on this second day of spring, enjoying the peace and quiet and beauty of this day, I am only troubled. A knot in the pit of my stomach keeps me from really enjoying the morning. Is this it? Is this the day that the United States of America ceases to be the “…land of the free and home of the brave?” Is this the day that we slip quietly, or loudly, beneath the waves of 3rd world, banana republic tyranny? Continue reading

Health Care, Taxes, & Personal Liberty

I was discusted the other day when I opened my paycheck.  For many reasons, really.  Considering how hard I had worked the last few weeks, my wages were insignificant.  My company doesnt have the money to give raises this year.  I looked at my witholdings and felt that familiar burn of anger in my mind.  Not only had I been deprived of my income for clerical reasons, I realised how much money I had truly had taken from me.  I considered the many things that could have been done to benefit my family with the money in question.  I pondered why the government believes it has a better idea of could be done with that money.  Aren’t I the final decider on how best to run my houshold.  I realised that the government doesnt think so.  Continue reading