Life, Liberty, and… Property

Laugh at Yourself Glenn

You know you’re famous when Southpark does an entire episode parodying you.

Radicals and Revolutionaries

Arguing With Idiots – Beck, Glenn

The advertised purpose of the book is to provide it’s readers with the arguments, and facts that back them up, for many of the policies pushed by the progressive agenda, liberals, Democrats, and Republicans.  If you have read any of Beck’s previous books, then you will be familiar with the format.  The book is written in a similar fashion as a textbook.  Fortunately, it does not read like one.  The content of the book is presented as an argument followed by an answer followed by a come-back, followed by another answer.  Humor and sarcasm, in true beck style, are scattered throughout the book.  I would reccommend anyone pick up a copy and read a chapter at a time.  It is a bit much info to read like a novel.  Anyone who is struggling with the issues and problems today’s society is talking about, then you should pick up this book.  If you are having a hard time representing your conservitave values at the watercooler, this book will give you the factual ammunition to fight back!

– Independent Thinker