Merry Christmas and Deja Vu

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Once again the battle of x-mas vs. Christmas, holiday vs. holy-day, rages in our country.  You think we would get tired of this stupidity, but instead we get sucked into it every year.  Separation of church and state has been trumped as a supreme ideal in this country, yet this concept is nowhere to be found in our Declaration or Constitution.  It is said that our nation was intended to be secular with religion playing no influence in government.  If this really is so, then why can we find innumerable mention of God and Providence in the words, laws, and actions of our founders.  Continue reading

FCC Commissioner Doesn’t Like The US Media

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All I can say is “welcome to the club!”  While his reasons why the media is failing both financially, ethically, and in its duty to our republic are sound, his solution is so absurd its laughable.  “Lets put government in charge of it” is the dumbfounding progressive refrain for every problem, and once again the chaotic chorus is being sounded on this issue.  Never mind that the direct cause of all the media’s failings is its attempt at being “unbiased”.  Gone are the days when media outlets blazoned their stances across the top of their papers.  They have all bought in to this “fair and balanced” crap.  Continue reading

Health Care Reform – The “Purple People” Eater

As discussed on Michelle Malkin’s blog and Rush’s radio show yesterday (12/1/10), SEIU is having some trouble’s with their health care coverage.  It seems that it just isn’t affordable to provide health care coverage to children now that the government mandates you cover them into their 20s.  So SEIU  is dropping the coverage for member’s kiddies altogether.  But Wait!  I thought Obama + Co. told us that this could never happen.  Pelosi and Reid were sure of it too. Continue reading

Dream Act version 4.1

Here we go again.  As reported by Michelle Malkin and Drudge, Democrats, faced with the delightful predicament of new real consequences, have decided it would be great to push more unwanted, highly-contested, and destructive legislation out upon the masses.  Fortunately, it does not appear to have too great a chance at passing, but failure only gives the left a reason to point fingers and blame everything on the evil Republicans who want to eat our children and bludgeon minorities and the poor for sport.

In light of this development, I thought it would be a grand idea to lay out a simplistic vision of what I believe could actually fix our immigration system. Continue reading

Back in Action – For a While Anyway

I don’t think it necessary to apologise for my absence to my one or two readers (if that, lol), but I thought I would explain why this blog has been stagnant for the last few months.  As a college student I have very little free time as it is.  Add to that a new home purchase, a family tragedy, a full-time job, and old cars that need constant repair, I have been unable to reliably follow politics or update this site.  Fortunately, I have recently dumped the full-time job, fixed the cars *knock on wood*, and been given an assignment to “get involved” and do some political writing.   So here I am again, writing for the benefit of my own thought process, or more accurately… my grade, and hoping someday someone might stumble across this mess and be inspired, insulted, or otherwise affected.

Cheers, and Good Day!

– Independent Thinker

P.S. – Mrs. Murray, if you happen to actually be reading this website, welcome!  Now you know what your right-wing whack-job students do when they get bored.

Evolution of Mankind

I’m not talking about a progression from primates to people, but something much more simple.  This concept is far more recognisable in one’s own life, as well as throughout recorded history.  Many of the progressive mindset believe as though mankind can be perfected.  Never mind that this idea has been discredited many times. Continue reading

Mike Lee is IN!

The Deseret News and KSL TV are calling the Utah Senatorial Race on behalf of Mike Lee.  Mike Lee has claimed victory in a photo posted on his facebook page.  In November common sense and constitutional wisdom will again inhabit Washington D.C.  This time liberty is making a full-on assault on the cancerous progressive movement.  The fix will be tough, but will preserve this country for the following generations.  As a constitutional scholar, Mike Lee will work on our behalf to restore American values to government.  With the help of other conservatives now struggling in congress, and new representatives coming to Washington, I hope Mr. Lee will help usher in a great restoration of our country!

– Independent Thinker

Freedom from Government Online – A Letter to My Senator

Senator Orrin Hatch,

This message is concerning the “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010” as presented by Senator Joe Leiberman.

This bill is a complete disaster.  I demand that you do not vote or provide support for any bill, such as this, that regulates or inserts ANY further government control of the last free democratic forum available to American citizens.  The internet is a PRIVATELY held public forum.  It was designed this way from nearly the beginning.  The internet is the People’s last chance at truly free speech, Continue reading

Papers Please.

If one listens to Washington and the Media, one would think there is a Gestapo raid going on in Phoenix.  The reports seem to imply the police are swarming the streets, throwing every brown person the find in prison.  This, of course, is just a pathetic lie.  Nothing of the sort can or will happen when the law goes into effect.  All this new law does is request that state police enforce existing federal law. Continue reading

Bennett is Out!

First, I would like to say that despite the amount of vitriol coming from the Tea Party about Bennett, He served the Republican party well for three terms.  The problem with Bennett is that he does not have his finger on the pulse of Utah or America.  It was once common for the majority of Americans to largely ignore government proceedings.  The people were more than willing to elect politicians like Bennett to pursue a career in the politics, and make decisions for them.  This has changed. Continue reading