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As a twenty-something college student I am pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Law and Justice. I have a varied work experience including retail sales, management, loss prevention, and merchandising. I enjoy several hobbies including fishing, woodworking, auto repair, web design, programming, writing, and obviously politics. Politically I would consider myself socially moderate, and fiscally conservative. I am a tea party member and believe in original intent and a limited federal government. I believe most social issues can be effectively solved by state legislation, and that the federal government has no place in solving them. In the future I hope to attend law school to earn my J.D. and pass the bar in Utah. I hope to work as a prosecuting attorney with long term goals of public office in city and state governments, or appointment as a judge. We'll see if that happens.

Old Greeks on Oligarchy

And what manner of government do you term oligarchy?

A government resting on a valuation of property, in which the rich have power and the poor man is deprived of it.

And then one, seeing another grow rich, seeks to rival him, and thus the great mass of the citizens become lovers of money.

the rulers, being aware that their power rests upon their wealth, refuse to curtail by law the extravagance of the spendthrift youth because they gain by their ruin; they take interest from them and buy up their estates and thus increase their own wealth

— Plato, Republic VIII

Immigration Reality

This topic has become incredibly difficult for public discussion as both sides have been whipped into a frenzy and see the other side as either destroying the economy or wanting to tear their families apart.  This is not a good environment to have a constructive debate.  The debate has just become more and more destructive.

The fact of the matter is that it is solely the job of the federal government to deal with the issue, but the current administration had publicly denied that responsibility and will not do their job.  I understand why many states are moving to enforce the federal laws themselves, because their enforcement is vital for the security of our country and the stability of our economy.  The federal government also needs to deal with the demand for legal entry to the US.  The majority of immigrants would much rather enter the US legally as it would reduce a lot of stress and complications they face.  Our legal immigration process is completely broken and must be fixed FIRST before we start on other solutions.  When the demand for immigration is met fairly and reasonably, we can then secure our borders with Mexico and Canada.  We can then begin enforcing our current laws (which are more than adequate to handle the issue).  Enforcing our laws before the legal immigration issue has been handled will only inspire a greater feeling of oppression among illegal immigrants who see no other option but to break our laws.  This will make them even more mistrusting of our legitimate immigration policies and systems.

A hard line must be drawn in enforcing the immigration issue.  However, to put enforcement in a preferential position to dealing with the problem that exists right now is to put an ideal before reality.  We must deal with what is, not what we think should be.  These people need to work and we need them here, but forcing them into an illegal underground system where they are unable to participate civilly is unreasonable.  They should be able to pay a fine or receive a reasonable sentence for their crime and then be allowed to contribute to our society legitimately.  The idea of busing them all back across the border, or forcing them all to go back home sounds good to many, but it is an absurd notion and will not work in reality.  This problem is here to stay if we do not solve it with reason.

Here comes 2012

I can’t believe it, but we have almost survived the first (and only) term of Barack Obama’s presidency.  Under his direction we have seen corruption and failure it would have been hard to imagine 10 years ago.  He is still blaming Bush for everything, and while he is right that Bush started this recession, he has done nothing but make it worse.  So today we look forward to what the Republicans can offer in 2012.  Sadly, there isn’t much to be enthusiastic about here either.

First lets consider the two media-dubbed “front runners”, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.  Both of these men are your business-as-usual politician.  Perry is pandering heavily for tea party votes, but for the most part we see right through him.  Romney is a nice guy, and would have made an excellent president back in the late ’90s political environment.  Unfortunately, we face a far more hostile and critical situation today, which I do not think he understands.  He would make an acceptable president if he wins.  Perry doesn’t seem to be trustworthy to me, he seems to be all talk and no substance.  He does not seem to fully understand the tea party positions he promotes.  He cannot explain why small government is better and consistently falls into the media’s trappings where they make him seem like a fool. Continue reading

Ten Years Gone

It has been ten years since the twin towers fell, and our future changed.  The end of decadence and unbridled ambition.  We now find ourselves in a very similar position to that of the late 1920s.

Ten years ago I was a scared high-school senior, watching evil at work in my country.  I remember the feeling of dread I felt and the tense recognition my teachers had as they realized my generation would not be without its own bloody fight for freedom.  I remember patriotic school assemblies and American spirit.  I saw my friends join the military, and later, my family members become Marines.  I have seen them go to war.  I have read about others who never came home.  The fight is not over, but is merely changing direction.  Terrorism will likely never go away, but it has inspired chaos around the world.

I would like to commend those who designed and built the 9/11 memorial.  It is beautiful and a wonderful place to remember.  I wish things had been done differently, but it is good to see the skyline rising from the ashes.  If not freedom tower, maybe they should call it phoenix plaza.  At least that has a nice connotation.

For those that died on 9/11 I have no words, for the firefighters and first responders, I would like to say thank you, but I don’t think that quite covers it.  The best I can offer is to say: I will NEVER forget what happened that morning.

American Federalism

In 1776, our founding fathers set out to construct a new system of government, one in which all power would be given by the very same people it was designed to govern.  This new government would be forged from the successes and strengthened against the failures of the great historical civilizations while embracing the new thoughts and ideas of the enlightenment period.  These new ideas centered on a common experience of the American pilgrims: that men could rule themselves better than any king or legislature.  This great “American Experiment” soon changed and inspired the rest of the world, but it has always had its critics.  At the time of the revolution, there were those who were loyal to the British Crown, later, some sought a constitutional monarchy, and today there is growing support for a more European style social democracy.

In contrast to these views, our federal republic was formed to keep society’s power where it is most easily managed by its citizens, with limited central control, and vast diversity and activity at the local level.  Over our nation’s history there has been a migration of power to the national level, where it is more easily manipulated by politicians and lobbyists, and is out of reach for the common citizen.  As this process has continued, American government has grown inefficient in addressing the needs of its citizens and clumsy in the implementation of regulation.  This has caused many to become disenfranchised with our republic and look for ways to fundamentally transform our system of government.  What these individuals fail to realize is that the reason our republic functions so poorly is because it has been operating in a manner wholly inconsistent with its original design.  If this republic is to be restored to a proper order and balance, it will require a more comprehensive education and involvement amongst its citizens at the local level and a restoration to its original purpose and design at the national level. Continue reading

Wikileaks and Other Freaks

As posted on The Blaze.com.

While I agree with Mr. Gingrich in part, I believe that this focus is misplaced.  There will always be an outlet for leaked information.  Whether online or in The Enquirer, leaks will be published and I don’t believe that particular act should be criminalised.  However, consequenses for the source should be swift, public, and final.  We have grown to soft in our modern society.  This weakness in action to defend ourselves has removed the seriousness that these situations require.  It should strike fear to the heart of any individual who entertains the thought of betraying the society in which they live.  Treason is more serious than murder .  Continue reading

Merry Christmas and Deja Vu

As reported on The Blaze.com.

Once again the battle of x-mas vs. Christmas, holiday vs. holy-day, rages in our country.  You think we would get tired of this stupidity, but instead we get sucked into it every year.  Separation of church and state has been trumped as a supreme ideal in this country, yet this concept is nowhere to be found in our Declaration or Constitution.  It is said that our nation was intended to be secular with religion playing no influence in government.  If this really is so, then why can we find innumerable mention of God and Providence in the words, laws, and actions of our founders.  Continue reading

FCC Commissioner Doesn’t Like The US Media

As reported on The Blaze.com

All I can say is “welcome to the club!”  While his reasons why the media is failing both financially, ethically, and in its duty to our republic are sound, his solution is so absurd its laughable.  “Lets put government in charge of it” is the dumbfounding progressive refrain for every problem, and once again the chaotic chorus is being sounded on this issue.  Never mind that the direct cause of all the media’s failings is its attempt at being “unbiased”.  Gone are the days when media outlets blazoned their stances across the top of their papers.  They have all bought in to this “fair and balanced” crap.  Continue reading

Health Care Reform – The “Purple People” Eater

As discussed on Michelle Malkin’s blog and Rush’s radio show yesterday (12/1/10), SEIU is having some trouble’s with their health care coverage.  It seems that it just isn’t affordable to provide health care coverage to children now that the government mandates you cover them into their 20s.  So SEIU  is dropping the coverage for member’s kiddies altogether.  But Wait!  I thought Obama + Co. told us that this could never happen.  Pelosi and Reid were sure of it too. Continue reading

Dream Act version 4.1

Here we go again.  As reported by Michelle Malkin and Drudge, Democrats, faced with the delightful predicament of new real consequences, have decided it would be great to push more unwanted, highly-contested, and destructive legislation out upon the masses.  Fortunately, it does not appear to have too great a chance at passing, but failure only gives the left a reason to point fingers and blame everything on the evil Republicans who want to eat our children and bludgeon minorities and the poor for sport.

In light of this development, I thought it would be a grand idea to lay out a simplistic vision of what I believe could actually fix our immigration system. Continue reading