A new reality

It’s been over a year since I have posted to this website. Over the last year it has become ever more apparent that the progressives in our nation have a far-stronger foothold than we ever could have imagined. It has become apparent that the Republican party is now too far gone to save. The primary goal of that old party is to rule, not to lead. Local governance is not represented in any branch of the federal government including the courts. We are now facing the kind of revolution and reformation that faced Rome so long ago. It is our choice how we will reform this nation and save freedom for our posterity. There is no saving the Republic exactly as it has stood in it’s glorious past. The best we can do to honor the history and sacrifice of our nation is to rebuild, from the ground up, a State that honors freedom for all. This movement will face opposition from what has become the majority of Americans. It is the sad reality of our times that the majority cherishes their safety net and mediocrity more than they cherish their right to better themselves and their posterity’s standing. This movement will also face opposition from those who would rule over and control others within the conservative movement. It may anger those with a true “Libertarian” viewpoint as it will recognize the right of people to control those within their local community. This path, which I will refer to as the Free Americans movement, will start at the beginning, where the progressives did, at education. The Free Americans movement is not just a title, it is a verb. The goal is to Free Americans from their progressive chains, to awaken the individualism and desire to build that is the American heritage. This movement will, some day, result in the construction of a nation that inspires the world, but does not rely on it. A country that leads in innovation, prosperity, and celebrates the potential of each individual. This will be our new Independent Republic.

– Cogitantis

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