A change in direction

In response to our new reality, I have decided to change my goals for this blog. In the past I had a delusion of grandeur that I could somehow become the next Michelle Malkin. That is not in the cards for me. I am disgusted with politicians. I cannot stomach their constant pandering, or the commentary that repetitively digests tripe like cows passing food through different stomachs. I have a new delusion. I hope to develop a treatise on modern American politics and government. So many complain about the policies presented. So few develop policies considering the consequences that every change will make. It is my goal to develop a new definition of “just” government for America. It is then my intent to describe a path from our current circumstance to this goal. That will be the purpose of this blog. It is not my intent to discuss current events and policies other than to use them as examples of just and unjust government. Whether this experiment garners any web traffic is doubtful, but this is a path to which I have felt called. I hope to be up to the task, as I feel deeply that this errand must be completed.

– Cogitantis

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