Ten Years Gone

It has been ten years since the twin towers fell, and our future changed.  The end of decadence and unbridled ambition.  We now find ourselves in a very similar position to that of the late 1920s.

Ten years ago I was a scared high-school senior, watching evil at work in my country.  I remember the feeling of dread I felt and the tense recognition my teachers had as they realized my generation would not be without its own bloody fight for freedom.  I remember patriotic school assemblies and American spirit.  I saw my friends join the military, and later, my family members become Marines.  I have seen them go to war.  I have read about others who never came home.  The fight is not over, but is merely changing direction.  Terrorism will likely never go away, but it has inspired chaos around the world.

I would like to commend those who designed and built the 9/11 memorial.  It is beautiful and a wonderful place to remember.  I wish things had been done differently, but it is good to see the skyline rising from the ashes.  If not freedom tower, maybe they should call it phoenix plaza.  At least that has a nice connotation.

For those that died on 9/11 I have no words, for the firefighters and first responders, I would like to say thank you, but I don’t think that quite covers it.  The best I can offer is to say: I will NEVER forget what happened that morning.

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