Here comes 2012

I can’t believe it, but we have almost survived the first (and only) term of Barack Obama’s presidency.  Under his direction we have seen corruption and failure it would have been hard to imagine 10 years ago.  He is still blaming Bush for everything, and while he is right that Bush started this recession, he has done nothing but make it worse.  So today we look forward to what the Republicans can offer in 2012.  Sadly, there isn’t much to be enthusiastic about here either.

First lets consider the two media-dubbed “front runners”, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.  Both of these men are your business-as-usual politician.  Perry is pandering heavily for tea party votes, but for the most part we see right through him.  Romney is a nice guy, and would have made an excellent president back in the late ’90s political environment.  Unfortunately, we face a far more hostile and critical situation today, which I do not think he understands.  He would make an acceptable president if he wins.  Perry doesn’t seem to be trustworthy to me, he seems to be all talk and no substance.  He does not seem to fully understand the tea party positions he promotes.  He cannot explain why small government is better and consistently falls into the media’s trappings where they make him seem like a fool.

Next we have Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachmann.  Gingrich is a nice enough man, and seems like he could make a good leader.  Unfortunately, he has been deeply involved in the status-qua politics of recent years and is only now championing limited government and other tea party causes.  Unlike Perry, Gingrich does seem to understand and be able to explain the tea party position, stumping the would be saboteur media.  They have therefore done their best to ignore him.  Bachmann on the other hand is simply unlikeable.  She does not have the charm of her counterpart Sarah Palin.  She is very intelligent, yet has not focused on selling the tea party cause to the average American.  This ability is a must for a tea party victory in 2012.  The average American will be very likely to vote for tea party solutions if they explained properly to them.  The way the media portrays our position is frightening to the uninformed.  We must have a candidate that does a better job at this.

Rick Santorum and John Huntsman Jr. are both largely forgettable candidates.  I was origionally excited to hear from Santorum, but he has completely failed at engaging myself or the American people.  Huntsman is clearly not in this to win it.  He appears to be campaigning for a VP or cabinet position.  He is also a terrible fit for today’s political environment.  His moderate policies and willingness to put compromise above principals would be devastating for the country at this time.  Fortunately niether of these candidates have a shot at winning the nomination.

Herman Cain is probably my favorite candidate at this time.  He has most of the hard-line pro-business libertarian beliefs that Ron Paul espouses, yet he is tactful about them.  He also possesses a conservative bent that allows him to connect with typical republican voters.  He does a better job at explaining the tea party platform than other candidates when given the opportunity, and he has business experience that will be vital to making America competitive again.  While not perfect, he said some pretty outlandish things at the outset of his campaign, he is all-around a good presidential package that would be best suited to winning old-school Republican and some Democrat votes.

I will finally address Dr. Ron Paul.  Paul is a very good man.  If there is one person who could quickly fix this country and put it back on track, it is Ron Paul.  Regrettably, he does not possess the requirements to win a political office in the current environment.  His views are not irrational, yet he comes off sounding like a raving lunatic every time he speaks.  This is too bad, because I like him, and I like his policies (except his policy on the middle east, which I find irresponsible, ignorant, and anti-Semitic).  If Ron Paul by some miracle won the nomination, I would happily vote for him, so long as we have a congress that is willing and able to declare war, if necessary, to protect our allies.

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