Health Care Reform – The “Purple People” Eater

As discussed on Michelle Malkin’s blog and Rush’s radio show yesterday (12/1/10), SEIU is having some trouble’s with their health care coverage.  It seems that it just isn’t affordable to provide health care coverage to children now that the government mandates you cover them into their 20s.  So SEIU  is dropping the coverage for member’s kiddies altogether.  But Wait!  I thought Obama + Co. told us that this could never happen.  Pelosi and Reid were sure of it too.  The conspiracy theory that the government is taking over the health care industry was just a bunch of hate speech because Republicans hate children, and old people, and pretty much anything that moves, or stands still, or whatever.  It makes you wonder if the lies will ever stop.  The American people know they cannot trust their government to take care of them, because it won’t even listen to them.  It is incredibly clear from the mouths of the pundits themselves, that they know what is best for you, that they will engineer a solution that will take care of you.  You don’t need to worry, they will worry for you.  Just go back to watching your soaps.

It is funny though, because it appears that SEIU’s schizophrenia kicked in and now is extolling the virtues of government health care programs for dependent children.  Of course the government can do this better than us, they say, they have more money!  Sadly, they have OUR money.

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