Merry Christmas and Deja Vu

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Once again the battle of x-mas vs. Christmas, holiday vs. holy-day, rages in our country.  You think we would get tired of this stupidity, but instead we get sucked into it every year.  Separation of church and state has been trumped as a supreme ideal in this country, yet this concept is nowhere to be found in our Declaration or Constitution.  It is said that our nation was intended to be secular with religion playing no influence in government.  If this really is so, then why can we find innumerable mention of God and Providence in the words, laws, and actions of our founders.  The capitol building was once used as a church for crying-out-loud.  The likeness of Moses looks down over the House chamber.  Now we battle the mere presence of the ten commandments on public property.  The truth is that or founders intended to protect churches from the corrupting power of the government.  They knew that the diversity of the nation they created would never allow one religion to oppress the others in the government of their design.  Their worry was that government, wielding power over mans daily existence and his soul would guarantee oppression.  From their own actions, it is obvious they had no such fear in the expression of faith in public life and service.

Merry Christmas

– Independent Thinker

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