FCC Commissioner Doesn’t Like The US Media

As reported on The Blaze.com

All I can say is “welcome to the club!”  While his reasons why the media is failing both financially, ethically, and in its duty to our republic are sound, his solution is so absurd its laughable.  “Lets put government in charge of it” is the dumbfounding progressive refrain for every problem, and once again the chaotic chorus is being sounded on this issue.  Never mind that the direct cause of all the media’s failings is its attempt at being “unbiased”.  Gone are the days when media outlets blazoned their stances across the top of their papers.  They have all bought in to this “fair and balanced” crap.  Slowly the industry has absorbed the liberal agenda and its operatives until the two became one.  As I have grown older I have watched the media go from fairly balanced to out-and-out propaganda.  Conservatives and contrarians, forced out of the system by elitist mocking, took to the airwaves on a forgotten medium and made it profitable.  Why?  Because that’s what conservatives do, they create wealth and they create success, they don’t just take their success from somebody else.  Now that the conservative voice is back, what happened to the status-quo?  They got louder and more aggressive.  Some even became more honest!  It is no longer surprising to hear the words “I am a socialist/communist/progressive come out of their mouths.  I say this is good, because the American people do not share those views, and while many are still to ignorant to realize the true meaning of those titles, they will not be fooled for much longer.

– Independent Thinker

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