Back in Action – For a While Anyway

I don’t think it necessary to apologise for my absence to my one or two readers (if that, lol), but I thought I would explain why this blog has been stagnant for the last few months.  As a college student I have very little free time as it is.  Add to that a new home purchase, a family tragedy, a full-time job, and old cars that need constant repair, I have been unable to reliably follow politics or update this site.  Fortunately, I have recently dumped the full-time job, fixed the cars *knock on wood*, and been given an assignment to “get involved” and do some political writing.   So here I am again, writing for the benefit of my own thought process, or more accurately… my grade, and hoping someday someone might stumble across this mess and be inspired, insulted, or otherwise affected.

Cheers, and Good Day!

– Independent Thinker

P.S. – Mrs. Murray, if you happen to actually be reading this website, welcome!  Now you know what your right-wing whack-job students do when they get bored.

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About Independent Thinker

As a twenty-something college student I am pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Law and Justice. I have a varied work experience including retail sales, management, loss prevention, and merchandising. I enjoy several hobbies including fishing, woodworking, auto repair, web design, programming, writing, and obviously politics. Politically I would consider myself socially moderate, and fiscally conservative. I am a tea party member and believe in original intent and a limited federal government. I believe most social issues can be effectively solved by state legislation, and that the federal government has no place in solving them. In the future I hope to attend law school to earn my J.D. and pass the bar in Utah. I hope to work as a prosecuting attorney with long term goals of public office in city and state governments, or appointment as a judge. We'll see if that happens.

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