Evolution of Mankind

I’m not talking about a progression from primates to people, but something much more simple.  This concept is far more recognisable in one’s own life, as well as throughout recorded history.  Many of the progressive mindset believe as though mankind can be perfected.  Never mind that this idea has been discredited many times.  They ignore the gruesome events that came from this idea, namely eugenics, racial cleansing, genocides, and so many more.  Progressives are fixated on the idea that man, or should I say Homosapiens to be more politically correct, are perfectible.  They seem to believe that man can evolve past everything.  In this logic can be found a damning bit of evidence to counter the theory of evolution.   At least for those with an inquisitive and open mind.  Throughout recorded history, man has dealt with the same basic problems.  The majority of which are conveniently outlined and advised in the Ten Commandments.  These are the symptoms of man’s most important challenge on this earth, namely, how to survive and advance without harming those around you.  While man is an expert at adapting to whatever circumstance he is raised in, it is quite obvious that the same animalistic instincts plague us all.  It does not matter when or where he was born.  (Scripture often calls this the natural man.)  Societies have been born throughout history that deal with these instincts effectively, and they have flourished, but one thing is evident in every great society that I personally have studied:  As these civilizations become more civil, they begin to discount their base instincts.  As this occurs, the idea of evolution becomes more prevalent.  People begin to think that they are somehow better than their ancestors, all the while not recognising those that surround them who seek to exploit this perception with their own instinct.  As this continues in a society, symptoms begin to appear.  Godlessness is one major symptom, as those who are evolved couldn’t possibly believe in something greater than themselves.  (I believe this is what the bible is referring to when it refers to humbling yourself.)  Another major symptom is the slow in coming, yet persistent disregard for the protections against man’s base instinct.  Pity for failure begins to outweigh man’s drive to actively assist and encourage those who fall behind.  The sense of community that binds the civilization together is replaced by an organisation that oversees societies interaction.  Honor leaves society and is replaced by a strict code of conduct and expression to prevent offensive behavior.  These strict rules prevent honest expression of thoughts and feelings, further alienating society’s members from each other.  Many other symptoms occur, but they all lead to the same outcome.  These symptoms handicap society and make it weak.  As civilization begins to unravel, the evolved struggle harder to understand why they cant make things work the way that they believe is reasonable and just.  Those who are in touch with their instincts and have a drive for power and influence adapt to this situation and scramble to collect it to themselves.  Civilization falls, and many times a dark age begins where man must start from scratch, experiencing life and it’s most base instincts first-hand in all its ugliness before he can begin to build civilization anew.  This is a natural cycle.  This is natural law.  When societies become ignorant of this one profound truth, that man is corrupt and crude, the cycle begins its decent into darkness.  When man again finds truth, society is built up and he begins his attempt toward perfection yet again.  It is at this point that one must recognise that this cycle is designed to repeat.  It is designed to challenge men to better themselves and those around them.  To try to get it right this time, but this lofty goal is not our destiny, as perfection is of God, and only through him will it ever be attained.  It is our mission to attempt this goal, and to advance as far toward it as we can, then, in the end, leave the rest to grace.  Man does not evolve, he is the same today as he was in the beginning.  The circumstances in which he lives may have changed but the challenge has not.  Mankind benefits from technology to assist in his mission, but man also must face the new challenges it presents.  Near the beginning, Cain murdered Abel, demonstrating man’s ability to rule over his brother.  Not that long ago,as in many times past, a man climbed to power and empowered a nation, but in the process, decimated a race.  Today, many men clamor for power in uncertain times, as everything appears to be falling apart.  At this time, man must remember the truth of this nation’s founders.  The truth that was last developed during a great period of enlightenment for the whole world.  Man is corrupt and to be guarded against.  It is irrational to strive to perfect man and not safeguard against his appetite for power.  We must recognise that all men are equal in their creation, yet all men reap different results.  The greatest system to the worlds credit, that manages the instincts of men, to civilize society and tame its members for their individual benefit, has stumbled for a second time.  It is now that man must decide if this is a time where the cycle will begin its decent, or just another bump in the road of his God given mission.

– Independent Thinker

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