Freedom from Government Online – A Letter to My Senator

Senator Orrin Hatch,

This message is concerning the “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010” as presented by Senator Joe Leiberman.

This bill is a complete disaster.  I demand that you do not vote or provide support for any bill, such as this, that regulates or inserts ANY further government control of the last free democratic forum available to American citizens.  The internet is a PRIVATELY held public forum.  It was designed this way from nearly the beginning.  The internet is the People’s last chance at truly free speech, as every other media outlet is licensed and controlled, in one fashion or another, by the government or business conglomerates.  The internet as it stands provides the opportunity for ANYONE, for free, to voice their opinion to the world and to develop an opinion that is based on the information (both good and bad) that they find.  The internet is no more a rumor mill than traditional word-of-mouth communication.  Furthermore there are vast sources dedicated to countering false information, and providing truly objective reporting.  No other source of media compares, or is as important to the survival of freedom in America, since the many small and independent presses distributing information to the laymen at the time of our founding.

The place of government online is to provide information to the people.  Government regulation of the internet is best handled by policing the content, and making sure citizens in our country are complying with the laws of their states.  Government has NO LEGITIMATE ROLE in preventing internet attacks other than to monitor and warn private network operators of any applicable danger.  Protection of, and possible breaks in service and blocking of certain activity is to be handled by the owners of such networks, at their discretion.  The industry has handled growing threats in security better than any government agency could ever hope for.  Failures in security have resulted in advances and repairs, or the failure of the provider involved.  Online there is ALWAYS someone ready to pick up the slack where others fall.

The internet is a model of LIBERTY and CAPITALISM.  As such it must be protected from further intrusion by our government, which over the last century has failed the people in these lofty goals.

Thank you for your time,

Full-Time Student, Full-Time Worker, and Taxpayer
Conservative Independent

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