Patriotism = Racism in America

I cannot believe that our country has come to this!  In our plight to be as PC as possible, we have begun labeling patriotism as racist.  While it is obvious that the intent of these students was to push back towards the separatist attitude of Hispanic students, it is neither offensive nor racist to display your pride in one’s country.  Especially while standing within your country’s borders.  These Hispanic students have been brainwashed into believing that it is their “right” to force others who feel differently than them to be silent.  For all the claims of fascism on the conservative side of politics, in modern society, as in socialist Germany and Italy, fascism comes primarily from the so called “liberals”.  It is hardly relevant, yet ironic, that all these displays of Latino “pride” occurred on a holiday that has little recognised significance in either Mexico or the rest of Central America.  These unassimilated child “anchors” are perfectly within their rights to display pride in their historic culture.  This is not illegal, nor should it be.  However, as American citizens, these children should know that their behaviour is incredibly insulting to the country their parents have often forced them into, without regard for the nations laws, tradition, and culture.  It is also Ironic that although their were cries of racism and vocalized fear of violence, the only violence and disruption of order displayed was by the Latino students running amok throughout the city, darting through traffic, screaming separatist comments, and skipping school.  The school administrators should resign in shame, or be fired immediately!  Their reaction to this incident is not only absurd, but bordering on racist themselves.  It has become the norm in modern America to force minority views on the majority, with guilt and radical accusations.  Instead of a melting pot, our country has turned into a torn fabric consisting of many factions, all demanding acceptance.  In America their has never been a promise of acceptance.  The only promise was liberty, and equality under law.

– Independent Thinker

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