Bennett is Out!

First, I would like to say that despite the amount of vitriol coming from the Tea Party about Bennett, He served the Republican party well for three terms.  The problem with Bennett is that he does not have his finger on the pulse of Utah or America.  It was once common for the majority of Americans to largely ignore government proceedings.  The people were more than willing to elect politicians like Bennett to pursue a career in the politics, and make decisions for them.  This has changed.  Americans across the country, whether Tea Party attendees, or the uninitiated, have begun looking at the decisions that have been made over the last several decades.  They have researched and compared these decisions to the events surrounding the last devastating financial crisis, and found many disturbing similarities.  The Great Depression era and today’s recession have many commonalities.  The most substantial of which is the resurfacing of the progressive movement.  This movement being the primary cause of the Great Depression.  The situation around the world also teams with eerie similarity to the depression and WWII era.  For this reason, Americans have come awake and begun fighting to change this country’s direction.  Being a Republican or Democrat is no longer good enough.  For Republicans, reaching across party lines is now national suicide.  Democrats are now so completely corrupted by the belief in government salvation, that it is impossible to take their simplest and most straightforward action at face value.  Everything seems to have an agenda that moves us closer to national disaster, or as they put it, “Fundamental Transformation”.  Bennett cannot see this, his view of his colleagues still instills trust in them.  Unfortunately, his trust will be our undoing.  So as collateral damage, we must sacrifice Bennett’s experience and power in the Senate for someone who understands the world and politics as they are now, not a decade ago.  So for your service Mr. Bennett, I applaud your dedication, but the country needs someone else now.  It is not personal, its just politics.

– Independent Thinker

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As a twenty-something college student I am pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Law and Justice. I have a varied work experience including retail sales, management, loss prevention, and merchandising. I enjoy several hobbies including fishing, woodworking, auto repair, web design, programming, writing, and obviously politics. Politically I would consider myself socially moderate, and fiscally conservative. I am a tea party member and believe in original intent and a limited federal government. I believe most social issues can be effectively solved by state legislation, and that the federal government has no place in solving them. In the future I hope to attend law school to earn my J.D. and pass the bar in Utah. I hope to work as a prosecuting attorney with long term goals of public office in city and state governments, or appointment as a judge. We'll see if that happens.

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