Life, Liberty, and… Property

Redistribution of Wealth

Redistribution of wealth is a very old concept.  It is not as new as many would like to think.  Over the ages this concept has been tried many times.  It has failed just as many.  It is a fantasy that can never be.  It is fundamentally flawed, because those who implement it are human, with all the flaws that fate entails. Continue reading

Laugh at Yourself Glenn

You know you’re famous when Southpark does an entire episode parodying you.

Natural Law & Natures God

Natural law is the supreme concept that bound together the Founders of our country.  It is by this theory that Atheists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and all the cultures seeking refuge in America could bind themselves together to create the greatest society.  Natural law is the culmination of millennia’s theology and scientific discovery.  It is the common religion of the United States of America. Continue reading

…and Entitlement for all!

Under the rule of Nature’s God, all mankind is born with three basic entitlements.  These entitlements are declared proudly in our Nation’s Declaration of Independence.  They are the motto of this website, and include: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  In the arrogance of our modern Nation, we as a people have fooled ourselves into believing we are entitled to so much more!  We have come to believe that it is our right to have a roof over our head, a right to be cared for at the hospital, and a right to eat ourselves into obesity.  The list goes on, for some it is longer, and others it is short.  However, it is a lie that we have told ourselves to believe they are guarranteed, or even should be!  The crumbling wreck that our Nation has become is in great part attributed to this social attitude.  The offloading of these personal responsibilities, and that is truly what these luxuries are, to the state and federal government, is simply an adolescent attempt to shirk reality and live under the comfort of another’s direction.  This societal desire is exactly what has brought to us our current circumstance. Continue reading

Radicals and Revolutionaries