March on Washington – Tea Party Time

September 12th, 2001

I remember this day for one distinct reason.  After the previous traumatising day, looking at the brutal attack waged against my fellow Americans, I left my home and began my morning bike rideto school.  I was concerned for what lay ahead.  Was anywhere safe?  How many attacks would happen today, I thought?  As I rode down the streets, I noticed something that made me feel a little more comfortable.  Before me, in front of each home stood the flag.  Old glory hung, half staff, on every pole, but in front of each house it was displayed with pride and solidarity.  It was an odd feeling seeing that every American felt the same way.  Patriotism was displayed in every window.  There was no bickering between partisans.  This fact had been displayed boldly by the singing of God Bless America the day before in congress.  America was changed.  We were fearful, but determined.  There was only one collective thought, we will triumph! Continue reading

Health Care, Taxes, & Personal Liberty

I was discusted the other day when I opened my paycheck.  For many reasons, really.  Considering how hard I had worked the last few weeks, my wages were insignificant.  My company doesnt have the money to give raises this year.  I looked at my witholdings and felt that familiar burn of anger in my mind.  Not only had I been deprived of my income for clerical reasons, I realised how much money I had truly had taken from me.  I considered the many things that could have been done to benefit my family with the money in question.  I pondered why the government believes it has a better idea of could be done with that money.  Aren’t I the final decider on how best to run my houshold.  I realised that the government doesnt think so.  Continue reading