My Path to Politics

I remember when I first started college I decided I was going to be a Democrat.  I looked at the greatness of University life and decided that if these “liberals” could build something so great, and dedicate so much to the enlightenment of society, I wanted to associate myself with that culture.  They must have better ideas because I never saw such extravagance from the conservative values that I had been raised with.  It felt good to be different.  To be “smarter” than those who raised me.  I started to talk down to those who subscribed to the traditional values that were so “old fashioned”.  There must be a better way, I thought. Continue reading

Conceal/Carry Laws

For those of you who may be interested in excercising your second amendment rights, please check out this link.  You will find an excellent, updated, and current compilation of rules and regulations related to concealed weapons as dictated by each state.  You will also find information on why someone would want to carry and answers to many common questions.

Check it out!

– Independent Thinker


“Liberalism is a mental disorder” – Micheal Savage

While I don’t consider my fellow American Liberals to be retarded.  There is something to the liberal view of the world that is fundamentally different than that of a common-sense minded individual. Continue reading